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Hardware Engineering Manager

Hardware engineering focuses on the development and testing of computer hardware components. You may focus on specific components or parts of the process, such as specializing in design or working only with processors, or work with a general hardware engineering skill set. As you gain experience in this field, you may want to move into a position with more responsibility and a focus on strategy, as opposed to doing the front-line development yourself. The hardware engineering manager position puts you at the head of an engineering team or department, with an average salary of $140,958.

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Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded software engineering is a sub-specialty of software engineering that specifically focuses on developing software for non-computer hardware. You deal with unique hardware development environments, as the electronic systems you create software for lack the resources and capacity of your typical computing device. The software integrates directly into these devices, which requires a different software engineering style than those working on computers. Software and hardware share a strong link, so even when you don't have the same CPU power or memory as a computer, you can get a lot out of the electronics.

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Why You Should Choose OneTech's Candidates

It can be difficult to find the right talent when you have the wrong kind of recruitment pool. If you have faced struggles in the past with recruitment pools that are too random or not dependable enough for an efficient hiring process, One Tech has the ideal solution for you: Our recruiters are experienced in understanding exactly what job positions require and who can fulfill your needs.

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