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Hardware Engineering Manager

Hardware engineering focuses on the development and testing of computer hardware components. You may focus on specific components or parts of the process, such as specializing in design or working only with processors, or work with a general hardware engineering skill set. As you gain experience in this field, you may want to move into a position with more responsibility and a focus on strategy, as opposed to doing the front-line development yourself. The hardware engineering manager position puts you at the head of an engineering team or department, with an average salary of $140,958.

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Avoiding these Common Pitfalls When Writing Your Job Description

Are your job postings getting literally hundreds of responses? Are they getting none at all? Or are they simply not getting the responses that you expected? Writing a good job description is a difficult process, but it's essential to building the correct pool of candidates. Here are a few of the issues that are most commonly encountered, even by experienced HR personnel.

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How to Get Great Results with a Staffing Agency

Businesses work with staffing agencies for many reasons. Perhaps the HR department or ownership don’t have the time to find the right candidates. Whatever the reason, you are paying your agency a fee, and you expect results. Here are some tips on how to maximize using a staffing agency.

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