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Temporary Staffing

Energy Sector and the Digital Age

One Tech Engineering discusses the impact of the Digital Age on the energy sector for Minnesota energy sector professionals. We talk about some of the ways the field is changing and what you can do to be prepared to meet those changes in the coming years. 

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Millennials and the Ever-Changing Work Field

The Minnesota engineering recruiting experts at One Tech Engineering talk about how some of the biggest concerns Millennials face in the workforce. We discuss the kinds of changes the work field has undergone over the years, how Millennials are adapting to be professionally successful, and how your company can attract the best Millennial talent.

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Time to Outsource a Recruiter

Our Minnesota engineering recruiting experts at One Tech Engineering discuss outsourcing recruiting services for your organization’s human resources needs. 

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How an Engineering Staffing Agency Can Help Your Organization

At One Tech Engineering, we talk about the recruiting process and how hiring an engineering staffing agency can save you time and money no matter what your hiring needs are. 

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Top Reasons It’s a Great Time to Work in Contract Positions

Contract work offers some of the most promising career options in today’s job market. Our engineering recruiting service experts at One Tech in Minnesota talk about why it’s a great time to work in contract jobs. 

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Understanding the Contract-to-Direct-Hire Process

The engineering recruiters at One Tech Engineering in Minnesota discuss how the contract-to-direct-hire process works and talk about why this model is fast becoming one of the best options for both employers and employees.

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Why You Should Choose OneTech's Candidates

It can be difficult to find the right talent when you have the wrong kind of recruitment pool. If you have faced struggles in the past with recruitment pools that are too random or not dependable enough for an efficient hiring process, One Tech has the ideal solution for you: Our recruiters are experienced in understanding exactly what job positions require and who can fulfill your needs.

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The Benefits of Leasing Employees Rather Than Direct Hiring

If your business is considering a rapid expansion -- or you simply want to simplify your payroll and other associated expenses -- you may want to consider the benefits of leasing employees. Leased employees are directly employed by a staffing agency but operate in day-to-day operations exactly like hired staff members.

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