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Energy Sector and the Digital Age

One Tech Engineering discusses the impact of the Digital Age on the energy sector for Minnesota energy sector professionals. We talk about some of the ways the field is changing and what you can do to be prepared to meet those changes in the coming years. 

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How Virtual Reality May Change the Landscape for Remote Workers

Virtual reality systems are getting a lot of press in the entertainment sector, but they may be able to show real advantages in business as well. Virtual reality systems such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft HoloLens are targeted towards either creating an entirely virtual reality or augmenting real, existing surfaces with virtual features. In terms of business, this creates a rather unique opportunity: the ability to create an entirely virtual office.

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Three New Tech Trends in the Telecommunications Industry

The landscape of telecommunications has been vastly altered over just the past decade alone. From business installations to working directly with telecommunications companies, new technology has been introduced and once standard equipment has become entirely obsolete. Engineers within telecommunications will need to be aware of a few growing trends.

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