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Three Tips for Nailing Your Engineering Interview

The engineering recruiters at One Tech Engineering in Minnesota discuss some of the best tips for nailing your engineering interview. Whether you are a project engineer or an engineering manager, putting your best foot forward is important. 

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Is a Civil Engineering Career Right for You?

Civil engineering focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of a variety of physical structures many people take for granted. As a civil engineer, you’ll have an opportunity to plan, design, and oversee the construction and maintenance of essential infrastructure, from critical transportation assets like bridges, roadways and airports to buildings, dams, power plants, sewage systems, and irrigation projects.

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The Benefits of Choosing OneTech

There are multiple advantages to signing up with One Tech Engineering to find your next job. Not only do we specialize in easy-to-use job search and profile services, but we also have competent benefits packages for our candidates, and a variety of helpful blog suggestions on how to navigate today's technical hiring world.

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Continued Education: The Benefits of Training and Seminars for Employees

When was the last time your employees refreshed their skills? In many fields, knowledge and practices can change quite quickly. Training and seminars will ensure that your employees are always up to the current standards of your industry -- in addition to a few other important benefits. 

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