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One Tech Engineering: The Genesis

In the summer of 1982, John Lewis was working as a consultant at Control Data when he noticed something. With the I.T. industry really starting to pick up steam, finding qualified personnel was becoming an issue in the Minneapolis area. So he sat down with some of his coworkers and started a new consulting firm. Office Information Systems was born.

In the early days of I.T. consulting, John turned OIS into one of the premier contract I.T. consulting firms in the Minneapolis/St Paul market. The 1980s were great years for OIS, and John fine tuned his processes and found his nitch. As the market shifted in the early 1990s, OIS started transitioning into engineering.

Office Information Systems began to develop a new business model by combining forces with a small engineering recruiting firm called One Tech Engineering.  One Tech Engineering’s core business focused on the need for highly skilled engineers in a variety of industries.  Throughout the early 2000s One Tech Engineering built a reputation for their ability to locate and connect highly qualified engineers with the exact kind of talent our clients needed.  

Helping Clients and Contractors

Today, One Tech Engineering still focuses on both our clients and contractors. Matching top engineering and design talent with great companies is what drives us. In fact, it has led us to develop a new model for our clients and contractors. The days of  temporary hires are gone. Instead, talented contractors are looking for long-term assignments that include benefit packages as part of the hiring process. We deliver. One Tech Engineering provides a benefits package to our contractors that includes major health and dental plans, long-term disability insurance, life insurance, a custom-created retirement plan, 401k matching, a PTO plan that allows contractors to take time off when needed, company outings and networking events, and much more.

Our clients love the advantages of long-term contracting. Contractors are happy to stay on their projects because they aren’t focusing on finding their next assignment. One Tech offers our clients contractors at a fair price, which in turn allows our clients staffing flexibility, lower overhead costs, and a trial period to help insure that the employee being hired is a great fit. Additionally, we help you cut your overall tax liability and make sure that your contractors meet new health insurance requirements and laws.

The future is bright. We look forward to the new horizons in contract hiring and recruiting services.  Our focus has been and will continue to be on matching the top technical talent with both our clients and contractors.  Our future in now, we look forward to having you a part of it!

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