The Many Hidden Benefits of Working as a Temp

Some people are simply naturals when it comes to temping. It's always exciting to slide into another position with brand new challenges -- and to know that there are new experiences just across the horizon. But there are some other advantages to working as a temp as well, some of which may not be immediately obvious.

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Job Searching Through the Holiday Season

Job searching through the holiday season often sounds unpleasant -- and it can be a challenge for even experienced job seekers to navigate. The holiday season presents many unique challenges, but also some benefits for those who are creative thinkers. It's not always wise to delay your job search until after the holiday season, especially if you're in a competitive or niche market. 

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Four Key Things to Look for In Temporary Employees

Hiring a temporary employee can always feel like a risk. Not only do you need to invest some time into training, but you also need to make sure that the temporary employee will be as conscientious and driven as your full-time employees. So what do you look for to make sure that you're getting the most out of the employee-employer relationship?

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What Engineers Earn In Minneapolis

Engineers turn scientific principles into practical applications for such fields as transportation, civil construction, energy production, and mining, among others. A bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline is the typical minimum requirement for a job. However, many advanced engineers, particularly in management, also have master's degrees or higher.

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How to Get Great Results with a Staffing Agency

Businesses work with staffing agencies for many reasons. Perhaps the HR department or ownership don’t have the time to find the right candidates. Whatever the reason, you are paying your agency a fee, and you expect results. Here are some tips on how to maximize using a staffing agency.

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Growing Faster through An Agency

The process of hiring new employees is often both an extensive and expensive one -- but it doesn't have to be. Many organizations find that they can grow faster by leveraging the resources of an agency. An agency streamlines hiring from start to finish, making sure that you get the right employees for the position and the company.

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Determining Whether Your Recruitment Company Is Reputable

Are you wary of inadvertently falling for a recruitment company scam? Most recruitment companies are reliable, helpful, and reputable services -- but there are scams in every industry. In order to avoid potentially falling for one, you'll need to vet companies thoroughly before you begin working with them.

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How New Technology Is Used In the Staffing Industry

Information technology continues to transform many industries -- including staffing-related organizations. New technology is being used to produce better servicing and more options throughout staffing companies worldwide.

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Software Engineering Practices in Software Development

A software engineer applies engineering practices to software development, and typically handles the overall system design of the software application. While some software engineers also handle programming, these engineers typically hand off the engineered designs to software programmers for coding. Once the coding is complete, they test the software and make sure it performs within the engineered requirements.

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Three New Tech Trends in the Telecommunications Industry

The landscape of telecommunications has been vastly altered over just the past decade alone. From business installations to working directly with telecommunications companies, new technology has been introduced and once standard equipment has become entirely obsolete. Engineers within telecommunications will need to be aware of a few growing trends.

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